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Stampede Reservoir Boating

Stampede Reservoir Boating: Ramps, Marine Services, Inspections

Nearby Boat Storage Facilities

Stampede Res. Boating in a Nutshell

While Stampede Reservoir has limited boating facilities, its cold, clear mountain water makes it a popular destination for boaters. Several boat ramps provide easy access into the reservoir. Waterskiers and wakeboarders are often seen on the lake. Sailors and windsurfers like the stiff, steady winds and fishermen enjoy guiding their crafts into sheltered bays and inlets in search of kokanee salmon and trout.

Prevent the Spread of Invasive Species

Boat inspections to prevent the spread of invasive species to Stampede Reservoir are recommended before launching. For more information see Truckee Regional Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program

Photo of Stampede Reservoir launch ramp

Stampede Reservoir Boat Ramps

  • Logger Campground - concrete ramp
  • Emigrant Group Campground - 3 lanes
  • Captain Robert's Boat Ramp - 3 lanes, concrete, $4 for day-use

Stampede Reservoir Boating Regulations

  • Quagga and zebra mussel boat inspections required before launching.
  • 45 MPH Speed Limit from sunrise to sunset and 10 MPH from sunset to sunrise.
  • 5 MPH speed Limit within 200 feet of swimming beach, swimmers, moored boats, and launch ramp

Sailing on Stampede Reservoir

The Tahoe Yacht Club held its annual Laser Championships on Saturday and Sunday, September 6-7, 2014, at Stampede Reservoir. They also held the 2016 Kip Lar Rieu Laser Fleet Championship at Stampede. Check their website to see when they will be returning to Stampede.


Marine Services

Stewart's Marine Services, Inc.
11050 Pioneer Trail #102, Truckee, CA
(530) 582-8776

A & M Marine
700 N. Lake Blvd., Tahoe City, CA
(530) 581-1516 or (888) TAHOE-30

A & M Marine

Tahoe City Marine Supply
700 N. Lake Blvd. Tahoe City, CA
(Shares building with A & M Marine listed above)
(530) 583-0925

Tahoe City Marine Supply

Pioneer Boat Storage
10750 Pioneer Trail, Truckee, CA
(530) 587-2167

Pioneer Boat Storage


Nearby Lakes and Facilities

Boca Reservoir

  • 5 miles south of Stampede Reservoir
  • 980 acres
  • Camping, Boating, Fishing
  • Boat ramps
  • Invasive species boat inspections recommended before launching

Prosser Creek Reservoir

  • 8 miles south of Stampede Reservoir
  • 750 acres
  • Camping, Boating, Fishing
  • Boat ramps
  • 5 MPH Speed Limit on the lake
  • Invasive species boat inspections recommended before launching