Shasta County, Northern California

Shasta Lake Fishing

Fishing at Shasta Lake

Shasta Lake provides habitat for both warm water and cold water fish. Sport fishermen most often try for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, brown trout, rainbow trout, and Chinook salmon, along with crappie and bluegill. Fishing is good both from boats and from shore.

The 10 Best Places to Fish from Shore

  1. Anywhere along the trail between Hirz Bay and Dekkas Rock Campground.
  2. Near the dam and up Dry Creek Trail.
  3. Salt Creek Inlet - either side
  4. Anywhere around Silverthorn and Jones Valley. Head out the Clikapudi Trail.
  5. Under the Pit River Bridge and along the shore to the west.
  6. Find trails at Bailey Cove and Packers Bay and follow them along the shoreline.
  7. Along Squaw Creek near Monday Flat.
  8. Near the outlet of Gregory Creek and along the shore toward the bridge.
  9. Inlets at Squaw Creek and North Fork Creek
  10. Along the Dry Fork Inlet, Fisherman's Point, and Mariner's Point.

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map of Shasta Lake

Fishing Boat Rentals

Rent fishing boats at Antlers, Bridge Bay, Digger Bay, Holiday Harbor, Packers Bay, or Silverthorn.
Shasta Lake Boating

Where to Fish By Boat at Shasta Lake

  • Trolling from Hirz Bay to Turntable Bay along the McCloud River Arm
  • Equally as good is the Sacramento River Arm
  • Near the dam, remembering tying up to the buoy line is not allowed.
  • Good results are often found in Bridge Bay and around Ski Island, Toupee Island, and No Name Island
  • Dry Creek area and by any trees in shallow water and Little Sugarloaf Creek arm.
  • Around the stumps in the side inlets up the Pit River Arm
  • Around Jones Valley where more shallow water is found than on most parts of the lake.
  • Fish the McCloud River Arm for brown trout.

Which Baits and Lures are the Locals Using at
Shasta Lake?

Trolling: Spinners and spoons, Silver Black Minnow, gold/red or nickel/blue trolling spoons, Rapalas, Cripplures, silver/blue Kastmaters, Hum Dinger, baby bass colored plastics, blue/silver shad imitation, UV Sling Blade .

Bass Fishing: Plastic worms, live bait, South Bend Spinners, darter heads, Senko's, glo-bugs

Bait: Salmon eggs, or a salmon egg marshmallow combination, minnow , nightcrawler, Power Bait

Spin Casting: Spinners and spoons, Mepps, Panther Martin, Kastmaster

CA Fish and Game Regulations: Regarding bait fish, in Shasta Lake only golden shiner, red shiner, fathead minnows, mosquitofish and threadfin shad may be used or possessed for use as bait.

Shasta Lake Fishing Guides

Shasta Lake Guide
Redding, CA
(800) 670 -4448
Website: Shasta Lake Guide
Experienced guides know Shasta Lake and all the best fishing spots. They specialize in salmon, trout, and bass.

Jeff Goodwin Guide Service
(707) 616-1905
Website: Jeff Goodwin Guide Service
Jeff guides fishing trips all over northern California, including Shasta Lake. Fish for Kokanee, trout King Salmon, and bass.


J & J Guide Service Redding, CA
(530) 222-6253
Website: J & J Guide Service
Shasta Lake, Eagle Lake, Sacramento River

Mike's Fishing Guide Service
(530) 623-4266 or (916) 215-6330 Mike's Fishing Guide Service
Mike has been fishing Shasta, Trinity, and Whiskeytown lakes for over 15 years. Fish from a fully rigged 20-foot Duckworth boat.

Shasta Lake Fishing Tackle

Shasta Tackle Company
Bella Vista, CA
(530) 275-2278
Shasta Tackle
Leading area lure manufacturer, including the Hum Dinger, Sling Blade, Koke-A-Nut Shuttle Hawk.

Basshole Bar and Grill
20725 Lakeshore Drive, Lakehead, CA
(530) 238-2170
Live and artificial bait, fishing tackle

The Fishin' Hole
3844 Shasta Dam Blvd., Shasta Lake City, CA
(530) 275-4123

Phil's Propeller Shop
3037 Twin View Blvd., Shasta Lake City, CA
(800) 462-3917
Carries a large collection of fishing tackle

Anglers Attic
984 Twin View Blvd., Redding, CA
(530) 245-0654

The Fly Shop
4140 Churn Creek Road, Redding, CA
Website: The Fly Shop
Fishing tackle, guide service

Hidden Valley Market
22009 Hidden Valley Dr., Redding, CA
(530) 275-1102

Hinkle's Market and Sporting Goods
1084 Market St., Redding, CA
(530) 243-2214

Record Fish Caught in Shasta Lake

White Sturgeon - 190 lbs, 1977
Spotted Bass - 8 lbs., 9 oz.