Calaveras County, Northern California

New Hogan Lake Boating

New Hogan Boating: Launch Ramps, Fees, Boat-in Campgrounds

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New Hogan Lake Boating in a Nutshell

  • Water Skiing, Wake Boarding, Tubing: New Hogan Lake's warm summer water and low entry fees make it a popular destination.
  • Personal Watercraft, Patio Boats, Fishing Boats, Pleasure Cruisers
  • Sailing, Kayaking, Canoeing - Explore the many arms and coves.

New Hogan lake Entry Fees

  • Fiddleneck Recreation Ares:   $4 - includes parking and boat launch
  • Annual day-use pass: $30
  • Hours: 6 AM - 5 PM in winter, call park for summer hours (209) 772-1343

Life Jacket Loaner Stations

Life jackets are available to borrow at the Fiddleneck Recreation Area kiosk and Wrinkle Cove Day Use Area. The Fiddleneck station is managed by the park hosts and the Wrinkle Cove station is self service. All sizes are available. Just borrow, use and return!

Quagga and Zebra Mussel Prevention

To prevent the spread of invasive species, boaters should check their boat, trailer and vehicle every time a boat is taken out of the water. Inspect all exposed surfaces vehicle, trailer, anchor, dock lines, live wells, bilge, motor, hull, trailer axle and rollers). Small mussels feel like sandpaper and are invisible to the eye.

Wash the hull of each watercraft thoroughly (steam clean if possible). Remove all debris, plant and animal material. Drain all water and dry all areas. Drain and dry the lower outboard unit. Clean and dry all live-wells. Empty and dry any buckets. Dispose of all bait in the trash. Wait five days and keep watercraft dry between launches into different fresh waters.

Photo of New Hogan Lake

New Hogan Lake Boat-In Camping

Boat-in camping is available at Deer Flat campground. It has 30 campsites which are available on a first-come, first-served basis from April 1 through September 30. Boat-in campers can register at the Fiddleneck Recreation Area kiosk or at the Acorn Campground kiosk.

Campers may establish their camp anywhere within a 25 feet circumference around their campfire ring. Facilities at Deer Flat include vault restrooms, picnic tables, garbage dumpsters, and a bulletin board. Fires are only permitted within the fire rings. There is no drinking water available at Deer Flat. Pets must be on leash.

Camping fees: $12 per night for up to 8 people maximum. Parking for 2 vehicles per campsite is available at Fiddleneck Day-use area. Additional vehicles are $4 per day

map of the Deer Flat boat-in campground at New Hogan Lake, CA

New Hogan Lake Boat Launch Ramps

Four boat launch ramps are located on the north shore of New Hogan Lake. Use of the ramps is included in the day-use fee for the Fiddleneck Day-use Area or the camping fee for Acorn Campground. There are docks to assist in launching boats at most of the ramps and parking near all of them. Low water levels can affect the availability of the ramps, especially the ramp at Acorn Campground.

boat launch ramps map for Fiddleneck Day-use Area at New Hogan Lake, CA

Boat Rental Companies

7Star Rental

2490 Piccoli Road, Stockton, CA   (209) 955-0457
Rentals: Wakeboard boats, jet skis, kayaks, paddleboards, wakeboards, tubes.
7Star Rental

Sacramento Boat Rentals

915 L Street Suite C #140 Sacramento, CA   (916) 281-9799
Rentals: Wakeboard boats, pontoon boats, jet skis, fishing boats.
Drop off and pick-up location located at 2745 Crosby Way in Sacramento
Sacramento Boat Rentals

Boating Regulations

  1. Boating allowed 24 hours a day. Running lights required at night.
  2. Observe posted 5 MPH areas.
  3. Night time speed limit is 15 MPH.
  4. Day-use areas open from 6 AM to sunset.
  5. Passengers may ride in the boat on the launch ramp only - never on roadways or in campgrounds.
  6. Overnight on-board camping requires a permit. $12

Marine Services

Delta Marine Services
401 N. San Jose St., Stockton, CA
(209) 463-0384

Norcal Marine Services
5851 Alder Ave. Suite #A, Sacramento, CA
(916) 922-2622

Marine Service Center
3761 Recycle Rd., Unit A,
Rancho Cordova, CA
(916) 638-7935

Marine Service Center

Larson Marine
1325 W. Fremont St., Stockton, CA
(209) 465-5801
11361 Folsom Blvd., Rancho Cordova, CA
(916) 635-8755

Larson Marine

West Marine
1810 Filed Ave. #3, Stockton, CA
(209) 464-2922


Photo of New Hogan Lake launch ramp

Fiddleneck Launch Ramp (Feb. 2015)

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