Fresno County, Central California

Getting to Lake Edison

Directions to Lake Edison

From Fresno go east on Highway 168. From Madera and locations north, cross on Highway 145, then go past Millerton Lake and up to intersect Highway 168 in Prather. Fill up on gas along the way in Prather or Shaver Lake. Continue on Highway 168 past Shaver Lake to Huntington Lake. There Highway 168 ends.

Turn right onto Kaiser Pass Road. Large RVs and trailers are not recommended on this road. Be prepared for narrow sections where you may have to pull over into a turnout to let oncoming traffic pass. Follow the road 7 miles to the top of Kaiser Pass and then on down the other side another 10 miles to a left turn onto the Lake Thomas A. Edison road. 6 more miles will bring you to the lake.

Driving times show below can vary based on road conditions. Friday and Sunday afternoons can be busy on Kaiser Pass Road.

Mileage and Driving Times to Lake Thomas A. Edison
Miles Hours Mins.
Bakersfield 204 4 32
Fresno 94 2 45
Huntington Lake 23 1 00
Los Angeles 313 6 15
Prather 61 1 55
Sacramento 263 5 30
Shaver Lake 44 1 25

map of the Lake Thomas A. Edison area

Kaiser Pass Road Driving Hints

  1. Fill up with gas in Prather, Shaver Lake, or Huntington Lake
  2. Drive with your lights on.
  3. Use the pull-outs to let cars behind your pass or to allow approaching vehicles to pass on narrow sections.
  4. Vehicles going uphill have the right of way; but no matter which direction you are going, use the turnouts if they are on your side of the road and allow traffic to pass.

For a map of the Kaiser Pass Road to Lake Edison and Florence Lake, see
Map of Lake Edison and Florence Lake Area