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Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes is a cluster of 7 pristine alpine lakes resting in the shadow of Mammoth Mountain in California's Eastern Sierra. Boating is strictly fishing boats, canoes, kayaks, and similar craft. The lakes are a favorite with fly-fishermen who enjoy the stunning beauty and easy access to so many different fly fishing waters. Camping is another popular attraction.

The community of Mammoth Lakes has developed wonderful facilities around the lakes without detracting from their natural beauty. Bike trails wind through the town and up to the lakes. A local shuttle service connects town with the lakes. Hiking trails lead out to a dozen more lakes within an hour's walk of trailheads.


The boating on the Mammoth Lakes is mostly fishing boats, kayaks, and float tubes. Sometimes you will see a small sailboat on Lake Mary. There are some boat rentals available at Lake George and Lake Mary and kayak rentals in town. There is one launch ramp on Lake Mary.


Mammoth Lakes marinas offer boat rentals, fishing supplies, and other basic needs. Some boat rental locations are simple docks accompanied by a small office.


The fishing at Mammoth Lakes us superb. Fly Fishermen especially like the lakes and the surrounding streams. Many anglers set out in float tubes, but good access makes fishing from shore equally as rewarding. The lakes are stocked with Alpers trout, which are specially bred rainbow trout renowned for their fight and their trophy size.


Mammoth Lakes has a good supply of National Forest campgrounds. Many are located along the shores of the lakes. Some can be reserved, others are first come, first served. Nearby in the town of Mammoth Lakes and out at Sherwin Creek are more campgrounds. A couple of RV parks are located in the region.


Every kind of lodging is available around Mammoth Lakes, from fancy resorts with tennis courts and golf courses, to rustic lodges with knotty pine cabins. In the town of Mammoth Lakes are hundreds of condos which can be rented out for reasonable prices. Since Mammoth is a ski community, their high season is the winter, making summer rates attractive.


The beauty of Mammoth Lakes will bring you back year after year. Stand on the shore of Lake George, looking across at Crystal Crag rising into the cobalt blue sky, and you will know you are at one of the most beautiful places in the Sierra. A short drive up to Minaret Summit will provide a panoramic vista of the Ritter Range, with Banner Peak and Mount Ritter standing in the center. Everything around the community of Mammoth Lakes is well planned out and beautifully maintained.

Nearby Communities

The town of Mammoth Lakes has all the services and resources of any mid-sized town, including a hospital, a nearby airport, a community college branch, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and a great local transit system. The nearest neighboring community of any size is Bishop, 44 miles to the south.


Mammoth Lakes Facts
Lake Mary:
  Surface Acres 140 acres
  Length .7 miles
  Shoreline Length 2 miles
  Elevation 8,963 feet
Lake George:
  Surface Acres 38 acres
  Length .34 miles
  Shoreline Length 1 mile
  Elevation 9,026 feet
Twin Lakes:
  Surface Acres 34 acres
  Length .75 miles
  Shoreline Length 2 miles
  Elevation 8,638 feet
Lake Mamie:
  Surface Acres 19 acres
  Length .3 miles
  Shoreline Length .9 miles
  Elevation 8,894 feet
Horseshoe Lake:
  Surface Acres 53 acres
  Length .5 miles
  Shoreline Length 1.4 miles
  Elevation 8,960 feet
Average Air Temperatures
  spring: 64 degrees
  summer: 81 degrees
  fall: 69 degrees
  winter: 40 degrees

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